Medical Professionals TURNING SCIENCE

We repeatedly push the bounds of science to deliver new medicines for patients. We are committed to challenging ourselves, one another and the world around us in the pursuit of solutions designed to improve lives.

Life-changing medicines

Our unique ability to repeatedly and consistently translate science into medicine has led to the discovery and development of nine FDA-approved medicines.

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Data-driven discovery

The Regeneron Genetics Center® has vast data repositories that facilitate groundbreaking human health and genetics findings.

Dive Into RGC Discoveries
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Developing new medicines for serious diseases

Our clinical pipeline features a wide range of investigational medicines, the vast majority of which were “homegrown” in our own laboratories.

Discover our clinical trials

Do you have patients interested in moving science forward? Get information about current trials and how your patients can enroll.

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Our responsible business

Helping people with serious diseases involves more than just discovering new medicines. We are committed to being responsible corporate citizens who actively improve circumstances for patients, physicians, our colleagues and our broader communities. Our culture of integrity, supported by rigorous policies and procedures, informs our every action, whether in our labs, manufacturing facilities or corporate offices.

Compassionate use

Before a new treatment is widely available to the public, it undergoes rigorous clinical testing to ensure it meets the safety and efficacy criteria required for regulatory approval. Regeneron’s Compassionate Use Policy gives certain patients who have serious or life-threatening conditions access to a potentially beneficial medicine. The patients who receive compassionate use usually have exhausted all, if any, available treatment options or are unable to participate in ongoing clinical trials.

Transparency and policies

Visit our library of policies, positions and procedures.

Join our team

MD, PhD, PharmD. Over 1,100 of our colleagues hold these prestigious degrees. Whether it’s in the laboratory or conference room, every physician-scientist at Regeneron brings valuable perspective and expertise — just ask our chief executive officer and chief scientific officer.

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Responding to COVID-19

We’re applying 35 years of scientific and technology expertise to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Our novel antibody cocktail was discovered and developed in record time, and is now available to patients under Emergency Use Authorization and ongoing clinical trials.

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